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Gourmet restaurant in Paros

The 5 star resort near Kolymbithres beach in Paros island houses two bars and two gourmet restaurants offering diverse delectable dining in Paros. From Aeolos Sushi bar and Chinese restaurant offering the best in contemporary Asian cuisine to Poseidon gourmet restaurant serving exceptional gastronomic delights of Mediterranean and Greek cuisine guests are assured of a sublime dining experience. Both Aeolos and Poseidon are open to the public upon reservation.

Romantic Gourmet dining near Naoussa

In the spirit of contemporary International and Mediterranean cuisine the Poseidon gourmet restaurant takes gourmet dining of Mediterranean and Greek cuisine to another level.

With an eclectic menu offering tantalizing choices such as bison fillet mignon, black & white fettuccine with crab claws and shrimp Mozambique it seduces diners with zestful flavors to linger over another cocktail in a warm candlelight romantic atmosphere by the pool with soft piano music playing in the background. Enjoy an authentic Mediterranean meal or dinner right next to the pool, overlooking the charming Kolimbithres Beach, a breath away from cosmopolitan Naoussa.

Aeolos Chinese Restaurant & Sushi bar in Paros

The Aeolos Chinese restaurant and sushi bar in Paros overlooks the golden Kolymbithres beach and the endless Aegean Sea. Offering a wide variety of authentic mouthwatering Chinese and Japanese delicacies such as Sushi, Sashimi, Beijing Duck and Sweet and Sour Prawns, Aeolos sea view restaurant assures a fine dining experience with exemplary service. Exquisitely designed to resemble Greek ancient ruins the Aeolos Chinese restaurant and sushi bar is one of the best Asian Cuisine restaurants in the enchanting island of Paros. Embraced by tropical Palm trees Aeolos restaurant is situated right on the beach offering the most tranquil environment with breathtaking views over the cerulean Aegean, while being lavishly decorated with eclectic paintings and sculptures by famous Greek and foreign artists.

Sea view pool bar near Naoussa

In the most enchanting part of the island of Paros, near the famous Kolymbithres beach lays the Astir of Paros 5 star resort featuring 2 restaurants and bars. The Nireus pavilion pool bar offers a fine selection of exotic cocktails right next to the beach overlooking the shimmering Aegean. Amphitriti is the main internal bar of the resort, set within Poseidon restaurant on a wonderful terrace facing the crystalline turquoise waters of the beautiful bay of Kolymbithres beach.

Restaurants offering bio food from bio products

Right next to Astir of Paros Beach Resort is situated the bio farm owned by the resort’s owner, producing delectable bio products used for creating exquisite bio food in the resorts restaurants. The farm is full of olive trees, lime trees, papaya trees and mangos and is fully cultivated with various vegetables and herbs. Both Aeolos Chinese & Sushi and Poseidon Gourmet Restaurants exclusively use vegetables, herbs, fruit and other bio products from the owner’s bio farm in order to create the most eclectic bio food for its dear guests.

Bio Products in Paros

Astir of Paros’ both restaurants offer irresistible proposals for the fans of bio cuisine and bio products. Enjoy a spicy, Chinese dish or a special gourmet menu created by the bio farm’s quality products combined with meat and fish exclusively coming from Paros’ island local production.