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Paros Island
About Paros

Paros is situated in the heart of the insular complex of the Cyclades spread in the middle of the Aegean Sea. The island’s name was taken after the leader of the Arcadians, Parios, who inhabited the island in 1100 BC, after the Cretans and the Ionians. Celebrated for the whiteness of its marble Paros has embraced all forms of art since ancient times. Antiquities and Byzantine monuments are scattered over the island dating back to the Geometric era.

The island of Paros is also famous for its excellent tourist infrastructure, the cosmopolitan lifestyle, the crystal clear waters and the sandy sun kissed beaches as well as its quaint fishing villages and the renowned Cycladic architecture with the white cubic houses.

It is one of the most popular holiday destinations of the Cyclades cluster of islands and the most ideal base for island hoping because of its privileged position west of Naxos and east of Antiparos. Paros Island attracts thousands of visitors every year but it is still not as cluttered as other islands in the Cyclades. Due to its ideal wind conditions, its secluded beaches and crystalline waters it a favorable choice for windsurfers and tourists enjoying all kinds of water sports as well as young campers and backpackers.

Parikia is the capital as well as the main port of Paros. With its narrow paved streets and the white cubic houses reflecting on the azure waters of the Aegean the town of Parikia is a typical picturesque Cycladic settlement with a lively nightlife and wonderful beaches. Naoussa is a quaint fishing village and harbor 10 km. away from Parikia retaining its authentic charm.

Paros is a very scenic island steeped in history and natural beauty with many attractions and a vibrant nightlife for tourists to enjoy.